Domestic Design and Production of Sarıyar HEPP Components (2021-2026)

HYDRO Project Team:

EUAS supported, Budget: 2 million Euros, Project partners: TUBITAK MAM, TOBB ETU. TOBB ETU project coordinator: Assoc. Dr. Tevfik Kutay Celebioglu (March 2021-Continuing)

The turbines of the Sarıyar Hydroelectric Power Plant, which is located within the borders of Nallıhan district of Ankara, which is the continuation of the Indigenous Design and Production of Hydroelectric Power Plant Components (MİLHES) project carried out with the support of TUBITAK Public Research Support Group (KAMAG), produced its first electricity in 1956 and operated by TUBITAK. Together with the Marmara Research Center (MAM), the TOBB ETU HYDRO Water Turbine Design and Test Center started to be renovated in March 2021.

Sarıyar Hydroelectric Power Plant meets Ankara's electricity needs. TOBB ETU HYDRO pioneers the supply of high-efficiency electricity to 2 million homes and 5.5 million people.

Domestic Design and Production of Sarıyar HEPP Components Project; It includes the disassembly, design, testing and production of end-of-life francis turbines. TOBB ETU HYDRO Water Turbine Design and Test Center plays the most critical role in the replacement of turbines that have been in service in Sarıyar for 55-65 years. While the renovation process is carried out within the scope of the project, it is desired to increase the installed power and efficiency of the turbine by making new designs in accordance with today's technologies. The target is to achieve a weighted average turbine efficiency of 94%. This is a figure that even the most advanced companies can barely catch. At the end of the project, the rehabilitation of the power plant with domestic facilities was completed, the power plant was commissioned and it is expected to continue energy production. Completion of the project is scheduled for the end of 2026.