MILHES, Rehabilitation of Hydroelectric Power Plant Components with Local Facilities (2015-2021)

HYDRO Project Team:

TUBITAK KAMAG supported, Budget: 23 million TL (9.3 million Euros), Project partners: TUBITAK MAM, TOBB ETU, TEMSAN, GIMAS AS. TOBB ETU project coordinator: Prof. Dr. Selin Aradag (February 2015-October 2019), TOBB ETU project coordinator: Assoc. Dr. Kutay Celebioglu (October 2019-March 2021)

Studies on the Domestic Design and Production of Hydroelectric Power Plant Components (MILHES) project, carried out with the support of TUBITAK Public Research Support Group (KAMAG), started in February 2015. Together with TUBITAK Marmara Research Center (MAM), TEMSAN and GIMAS, TOBB ETU HYDRO is carrying out rehabilitation work at Antalya Kepez-1 Hydroelectric Power Plant, which belongs to the Electricity Generation Corporation (EUAS). Within the scope of the project, the generator, turbine and auxiliary systems were renewed in one unit of the relevant power plant with domestic facilities. Within the project, TOBB ETU HYDRO was responsible for turbine design and model tests of the related turbine. In this context, the hydraulic and mechanical design of the new turbine components has been completed. The production of the turbine, whose model tests were carried out in the experimental setup within the center, was carried out by the relevant project executive institution. The project was completed in 2019, its rehabilitation was completed with domestic facilities, the power plant was commissioned and energy production continues. The project was officially terminated in March 2021.

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